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How to Buy Car Tyres online

Buying car tyres every few months or so can get mundane and morbid. Luckily, with the boom in online marketing industry, we can purchase virtually everything with just a few clicks! Moreover, by opting for online shopping you avail yourself with a much wider range of brands/selections. And if you do your research before making the purchase, you might just get the best deal on it! Not to mention the ‘free home delivery’ (few companies charge you a shipping fee).  We recommend Ozzy Tyres, who stock Australia’s widest variety of Tyres.


Lets cover some basics. Inspect your older tyre to ensure that a replacement is indeed required! Check your tyre for any bulges, cracks, wear, tear, discoloration, punctures, etc. Once you complete your inspection and decide to replace your tyre. The easiest way to shop would be to replace it with an exact model. To do so, find your tyre’s model number (printed at the side walls of the tyre). The general format of a model number is something like ‘P215/65 R15 93W’. To an untrained eye tyre model number may look like an odd mix of digits and alphabets. But these numbers/alphabets speak volumes, they can be very useful in providing details for your new tyre. Lets take a look at an example, ‘P215/65R 15 95H M+S’. The letter ‘P’ means p-metric and is used for passenger cars, similarly ‘T’ stands for temporary and ‘LT’ stands for light truck. The next three digits (‘215′ in this case) signify the width of the tyre, i.e. edge to edge distance between the tyre walls. Then comes a two digit number (’65’ in this case) which is the tyre’s aspect ratio, i.e. tyre’s height to tyre’s width ratio. Then comes an alphabet (‘R’ in this case) which suggests that the tire was constructed radially. The next two digits (’15’ in this case) tell us the diameter of the wheel on which the tyre will mount. The last set of alpha-numeric code (’93W’ in this case) is called the service description, They signify the maximum load capacity and speed limit for the tyre. In this case ’93’ means the tyre can take up to 650 kg. The ‘W’ stands for a speed limit of 270 km/h. So before buying a new tyre kindly decode your older tyre model number and make your purchase accordingly.


Shopping online for tyres is easy and convenient. The buyer gets more choices and reasonable rates with online shopping. Before making purchase please ensure that your retailer provides services in Australia.

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